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Sorry Asians, My Blackness is Not Your Counterculture

I’m just going to start by saying solidarity across all POC is a ridiculous concept, especially as a Black person. The racial hierarchy does exist, and with a history of erased, unwritten and stolen culture, Black people are at the bottom. Anti-blackness is a global concept, shared and spread by the infectious history of colonization, and in times today, it is not just expressed by the aggressors of said colonization, but by non-black POC too.

I think by now we’ve all seen the movieGet Out” (if you haven’t I’m going to assume you’re living under a small uncultured rock). The collective conclusion for this movie was basically, don’t trust White folks, but did we all forget something? Remember the scene where Chris was being hounded with questions by all the creepy partygoers? They weren’t all White, yes, an Asian man was present too, willing and ready to pay what it would take to buy Chris’ body (spoiler alert, but like I said, if you haven’t seen this movie what are you doing with your life?).