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Traveling Circus Accidentally Unleashes Angry Tiger on Unsuspecting Crowd in China

A Chinese traveling circus accidentally gave their audience a frightful performance after a furious tiger got out of its cage and proceeded to attack the hapless attendees.

The enraged tiger was inside a steel cage along with two other animals — a bear and what appeared to be a dog — as a part of a Chinese traveling circus’ act in Linfen, Shanxi Province, according to Shanghaiist.

Rare Photos Reveal What North Koreans Do For Fun

The Western world is absolutely fascinated by North Korea — tourists from all over the world take great risks visiting the isolated land with its secrets too good to pass up. Within this secrecy, unknown to most of the world, is what North Koreans enjoy as entertainment.

Not ones to disappoint, North Koreans show tourists attractions like the Pyongyang Central Zoo and Circus. There, animals from across the globe are on display to the delight of both citizens and tourists alike.