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New York Food Blogger Exposed For Cheating in Half Marathon to Win Second Place

A marathon runner, who finished second in a half marathon event with a standout time of 1 hour 21 minutes, was later caught cheating and got herself disqualified after being betrayed by her own fitness tracker.

New York food critic and avid marathon runner Jane Seo was found to have cheated in the recently concluded Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon by cutting corners and then manipulating tracking data to cover-up her finish time. Fortunately, an eagle-eyed observer noticed something irregular in the data she submitted and brought her cheating to light.

Pokémon Go Players are Now Using Nipple Clamps to Hatch Their Eggs Without Walking

For those Pokémon Go players who can’t be bothered with walking 5-10 kilometers to hatch their fourth Meowth, the geniuses behind hatching eggs with a vibrator may have found another “practical” solution to cheating at Pokémon Go — a weird contraption they only describe as a pair of “clip-style massagers.”

The creative genius in particular, Rocketnews24‘s Mr. Sato, demonstrated how his unique peripheral, (labeled  as Nipple Twins) works via a two and a half video.