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Why Almost Every Phone in Japan is Waterproof

While Apple, Samsung and other smartphone brands have just recently started waterproofing their phones, Japanese manufacturers have been doing it for more than a decade now. The reason for doing so is just for one special reason: to allow Japanese women to bring their phones into the shower.

Years ahead of other countries, phone makers in Japan simply had to make phones waterproof because the women grew so attached to their phones that they can’t bear to leave them even during shower time.

An Indian Village Just Banned Young Women From Using Cell Phones For the Saddest Reason Ever

The world has made great strides in connecting parts of the world that lack internet access to the world wide web, but an unsurprising group of people are getting left behind.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India Initiative has been relatively successful in connecting the majority of the country’s population to the internet in the past year. However, some Indians are resistant to the government’s campaign to provide access for its citizens.