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Cat Owners in China Are Putting Face Masks on Their Pets to Prevent Coronavirus

coronavirus cats

Pictures of pet cats wearing makeshift face masks are going viral in China as fears of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV or COVID-19) spread globally.

Some worried pet owners are taking human-sized surgical masks and cutting two eye holes out for their cats to wear. Other cats are given masks that only cover their mouths, leaving their eyes fully exposed, according to The Sun.

Butchers in China Accused of Boiling Cats Alive to Make Purses and Shoes

cat meat

A market for cat meat and fur continues to thrive in China, according to a group of grassroots activists hoping to put an end to the “perverted” trade.

On Dec. 1, the Fur-Free Society, a group of worldwide volunteers campaigning against the use of animal fur, shed light on the persistent sale of cat meat and fur in China, where there are currently no laws against animal cruelty.

Japanese Twitter Swears By This Bizarre Way to Find a Lost Cat, and It Involves Talking to Animals


A Japanese Twitter user recently shared a rather unconventional, unique, and allegedly effective method on how to get your lost cats back – and it involves talking to another stray cat.

Twitter user @charlie0816 recently took to social media to share what he learned, and said that apparently, speaking to other stray cats in the area and asking them to tell your cat to come home is a sure fire way to get your lost pet to return to you.

Two Cats Have Been Trying Sneak into This Japanese Art Museum For Years, But Always Get Caught

japanese museum

A pair of cats who have been trying to enter an art museum in Japan for two years to no foreseeable avail is instead getting into people’s hearts online.

The resilient felines, Ken (Ken-chan, black) and Gosaku (Go-chan, ginger), began their attempts to step into the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art in 2016 during a cat photography exhibit.