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Man Reveals How Scam Artists Hack Amazon to Become ‘Best Selling’ Authors

Brent Underwood made headlines last month after uploading a photo of his foot to Amazon Books to prove how easy it is to become an Amazon “bestselling” author.

He executed the stunt after he became fed up with individuals putting up obscure content on Amazon in order to get the site’s bestselling author status and then using it demonstrate to others how to achieve the same. He told NextShark:

Man Uploads Picture of His Foot to Amazon, Immediately Becomes ‘No. 1 Bestseller’

Apparently anyone can now earn the highly coveted title of being an “Amazon Bestseller” book by taking a picture of their foot and selling it online. It seems that the recognition of being an “Amazon Bestseller” book is not as prestigious as one may think. Some have even accused it as being a scam.

Brent Underwood, a partner at a marketing company called Brass Check, decided to debunk the hype behind being a bestselling author on the popular online marketplace site. He decided to test his hunch out by taking a picture of his foot and listing it as a book on Amazon. Underwood wrote on the Observer: