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Blanc: How This High School Student Launched His Wearable Tech-Startup With No Funding

The amazing thing about being an entrepreneur is that neither age nor experience are required to be successful. Sure they come in handy, but this high school student and successful tech-startup founder proves that creating a company while balancing high school homework before he can legally drive is absolutely possible. So if you think creating a startup is too hard, you should read what this brilliant kid has to say.

Eddy Zhong is a 16-year-old high school junior at the Bromfield School in Harvard, Massachusetts. Three years ago, while attending Startup Weekend in New York by accident, not knowing it was primarily for adults, Eddy fell in love with the idea of starting a new business and Blanc was born, a tech-startup that makes the Spark smart-watch, a watch that tracks your movement and wakes you if it detects you are asleep. Since then, Eddy has found inspiration from several other successful entrepreneurs and the drive to succeed from a past experience.