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‘Bad thai’: Rachael Ray’s pad thai gets a thumbs down from Redditors

Rachael Ray's Bad Thai
  • Rachael Ray posted a video of herself cooking pad thai to her website in March.
  • Her take on the dish, which was liberally topped with edible flowers, was shared, and then jeered, on subreddit r/StupidFood on Dec. 14.
  • One commenter seemed to sum up much of the subreddit’s thoughts on Ray’s dish by joking, “Pad Thai? Looks like Bad Thai.”

Stills from a March 2021 video of Rachael Ray cooking pad thai surfaced on the Reddit forum r/StupidFood, where commenters took offense to her floral garnish. 

American celebrity chef Rachael Ray is the latest chef to receive criticism for her creative revision of an Asian dish. In a 5-minute video posted to the “Rachael Ray Show” official website earlier this year, the chef makes a shrimp and chicken pad thai with ingredients including tamarind paste, fish sauce, rice wine vinegar and light and dark soy sauce.