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China Has an App That Helps LGBTs Hide Their Sexuality From Their Families

In China, similar to other conservative societies, the gay and lesbian community is usually left with very little choice when it comes to acceptable relationships. Aside from the fact that heterosexual marriage is still widely considered as a natural way of life, there is an immense pressure for young women specifically to get married before they reach a certain age. Most gay women end up being pressured into marriage anyway just to satisfy their families.

The challenging situation led Ou Xiaobai, a 32-year-old gay woman from Beijing, to launch a service called iHomo to help facilitate “marriages of convenience” for gay people. The service allows the LGBT community to enjoy their freedom while doing what their families wished by tricking them into thinking they are already married. Currently based on social media, the service has arranged over 100 fake marriages for gays or lesbians who just want to make their families happy.