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Creator Bernie Su Wins an Emmy for Groundbreaking Twitch Series ‘Artificial’

Executive Producer Bernie Su is set to receive an Emmy award for his groundbreaking interactive science fiction series “Artificial” on September 14 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The show, which is exclusively broadcast live on Twitch, nabbed the Juried 2019 award for “Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media” for series creator Su, the Television Academy announced last month.

Japan is Getting the World’s First Artificial Shooting Stars in 2019

Japanese startup ALE, which stands for Astro Live Experiences, is now reportedly looking to conduct its trial run to produce world’s first ever artificial shootings stars in 2019.

According to SoraNews24, ALE founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lena Okajima, officially announced the Shooting Star Challenge, the company’s first trial run for the artificial meteor showers, which will take place in a couple of years over the Setouchi area — referred to as Seto Inland Sea — of Hiroshima Prefecture.