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Influencer harassed with disturbing, threatening messages because she resembles Blackpink’s Rosé

allissa shin
  • Korean American influencer Allissa Shin received online hate after social media users noticed her resemblance to Rosé, a member of the popular K-pop group Blackpink.
  • While she mostly tried to ignore the hateful comments, a recent ordeal that involved her and her loved ones’ safety has prompted her to speak out.
  • Anonymous users on social media have reportedly contacted Shin’s followers, threatening to stab Shin in one case and coercing the follower to harm herself in another. 
  • While the case is now under police investigation, Shin lamented that the ordeal has caused her to be more cautious about the places she visits and the people she surrounds herself with. 

Since 2020, Los Angeles-based model Allissa Shin has been on the receiving end of negative criticism online simply for having an uncanny resemblance to Rosé of K-pop group Blackpink. 

The Korean American social media influencer tells NextShark that the online vitriol started after she joined a Facebook group called Subtle Asian Dating (SAD) per the recommendation of her friend.