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Japanese Olympic Snowboarder Turned AV Actress Plans to Make Comeback

Japanese adult video actress, Melo Imai, recently admitted that she wants to make a comeback to competitive snowboarding.

Japan’s Most Famous AV Star Sora Aoi Gets Engaged, Breaks Fan’s Hearts to Pieces

Former Japanese adult video (AV) star, Sola Aoior Sora Aoi — officially announced in her recent Instagram update that she recently married Japanese musician DJ Non.

She made the announcement on Jan. 1 on her Instagram where she posted a photo of herself with a ring on her finger. Aoi also shared a picture of her husband smiling and drinking wine on her Twitter that same day.

Japanese Director Aims to Break Taboo of AV Industry With New Film

Japanese soft porn (“pink eiga”) director, Takahisa Zeze, is hoping that his latest movie “The Lowlife,” an adaptation of a novel by erotic actress Mana Sakura, will help tackle porn taboo in the country as well as “prejudice” against the adult video (AV) industry.

“The Lowlife,” which premiered at the Tokyo Film Festival last week, follows the story of three conflicted porn actresses Takako (Saki Takaoka), Ayano (Kokone Sasaki) and Miho (Ayano Moriguchi) in their day-to-day struggles both outside and inside the industry.