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Japanese man who received COVID relief funds meant for 463 families loses all of it gambling online

  • A 24-year-old Japanese man lost 46.3 million yen ($360,890) of Covid relief funds he received by mistake via online gambling.
  • The relief fund was part of a local government program to help mitigate the financial effects of COVID on 463 low-income households who were supposed to receive 100,000 yen ($780) each.
  • "I don't currently have the money and I don't have anything with property value at hand. It's actually difficult to return it," the lawyer quoted his client as saying.
  • After he went into hiding, the Abu Municipal Government filed a civil case against the man, suing for 51 million yen ($397,716), including legal fees.

A Japanese man reportedly gambled away millions of Japanese yen’s worth of COVID relief funds that he received by mistake.

Last month, the Japanese government inadvertently sent a COVID relief fund meant for 463 people worth 46.3 million yen ($360,890) to a 24-year-old man.