K-Pop Star’s ‘Careless Driving’ Causes Car Accident, Gets Celebrity Treatment While Victims Ignored

K-Pop Star’s ‘Careless Driving’ Causes Car Accident, Gets Celebrity Treatment While Victims IgnoredK-Pop Star’s ‘Careless Driving’ Causes Car Accident, Gets Celebrity Treatment While Victims Ignored
Girls’ Generation member, Taeyeon, got into a car accident on Nov. 28 at around 8 p.m. in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea.
Witnesses said that the K-pop artist accidentally rear-ended a taxi, which then hit another vehicle — a white Audi — in front of it, resulting in a three-car collision.
Emergency crews were immediately notified of the accident, but one of the passengers in the taxi claimed that other victims were treated unfairly.
According to Soompi, the 28-year-old artist received special treatment from the emergency response team because of her celebrity status.
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Some people claimed she was the first person to be put in an ambulance while everybody else at the scene had to wait their turn for medical assistance. Another passenger also said that Taeyeon did not apologize to them after the car crash.
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SM Entertainment issued a statement shortly after the incident and acknowledged that what happened was all due to Taeyeon’s carelessness behind the wheel.
Today at around 7:40 pm, Taeyeon, who was traveling for a personal schedule near Nonhyun-dong, was in a traffic accident due to her careless driving. She feels sorry to the drivers and passengers of the taxi and will do her best to deal with the accident situation, the company wrote in its statement, according to AllKpop.
After taking measures for the traffic accident, Taeyeon is returning home and is in stable condition. We apologize for causing worry, SM Entertainment said of the artist’s condition after the accident.
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Taeyeon, meanwhile, addressed the whole misunderstanding on her social media account when a fan left a comment on her Instagram asking her to offer a public apology. The singer wrote:
I’m sorry for causing worry. I apologized to the taxi driver, but the others did not want my contact information. I’m letting you guys know because there have been several misunderstandings. I’ll be a bit more careful with driving in the future. I apologize for causing worry.
However, the issue became more controversial after she replied to another fan message asking the same thing, only this time, she deemed the public apology unnecessary.
Unnie, if you see this comment, please upload an apology publicly… I’m saying this because I’m really concerned as your fan… TT I was so shocked yesterday. I’m glad that everyone’s okay, the fan wrote.
Taeyeon replied, Babe, this is not something I need to apologize publicly but something that I need to apologize directly to the people involved… The accident has been well resolved so don’t worry. I really appreciate you for worrying about me. I’ll always drive carefully.
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