Marvel Comics Unveils New South Korean Superhero Taegukgi

Marvel Comics Unveils New South Korean Superhero Taegukgi
Ryan General
February 16, 2021
Marvel Comics has unveiled its latest South Korean superhero in the February issue of the comic series “Taskmaster.”
The crimefighter Taegukgi, who is named after the Korean flag, makes his debut on the third issue of “Taskmaster,” written by Jed MacKay and illustrated by Alessandro Vitti. 
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In the issue, which can be previewed here, Taskmaster goes to South Korea following the death of Maria Hill in an attempt to clear his name.
While investigating a project Maria Hill was working on, the gun for hire gets into a confrontation with Taegukgi and another Korean hero named White Fox.
Donning the large South Korean flag as his costume, Taegukgi appears to be the Korean version of Captain America. He is also apparently as tough as the popular hero as he took a punch quite easily from a villain.  
“You’ll need more than high spirits to take me down…” he simply remarks.
Taegukgi joins a growing number of South Korean heroes in Marvel Comics, including Amadeus Cho (Brawn), Seol Hee (Luna Snow), Cindy Moon (Silk) and Ami Han (White Fox).
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