Taco Bell announces South Asian favorite Mexican pizza is back and ‘here to stay’

  • After disappearing from the menu earlier this year due to supply chain issues, Taco Bell announced that the Mexican pizza would return for good beginning Sep. 15.
  • Taco Bell first removed the popular dish in 2020 and re-released it in May of this year but discontinued it after two weeks, citing an inability to fulfill high demands.
  • The fast food chain promised fans that it would permanently return next month.

Fans of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza disappointed by its disappearance earlier this year can look forward to the popular dish’s promised permanent return on Sep. 15. 

On Taco Bell’s website, the fast food chain announced that supply chain issues had delayed the Mexican pizza’s permanency and promised that it will stay on the menu for good when it returns on Sep. 15. 

“While LTOs [limited time offerings] are core to Taco Bell’s ability to churn out menu innovation, that wasn’t the plan for the Mexican Pizza,” Taco Bell stated. “While demand and ingredient shortages delayed that permanency, it’ll be here to stay for good when it returns Sept. 15.”

The Mexican pizza, a favorite among South Asian consumers, was first removed from Taco Bell’s menu in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic and was re-released in May of this year featuring fanfare and a musical featuring singer-songwriter Doja Cat and Dolly Parton.

However, it was discontinued two weeks later, with Taco Bell citing higher-than-anticipated demands. 

“I had more feedback- hate mail!- over the removal of Mexican pizza [than any other time],” Taco Bell’s CEO Mark King told Fortune.

With the announcement of its permanent return, some fans were left excited while others were skeptical of whether Taco Bell would truly keep its promise. 

“Hopefully this time you’ll have enough supplies to keep up with demand,” one Twitter user commented. 

“Y’all gonna run out of them in one day again?” another Twitter user questioned.


Featured Image: Taco Bell Twitter

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