Scientists Claim the T-Rex Was an Asian Immigrant to North America

There’s been an interesting development in both the fields of paleontology and Asian immigration — the Tyrannosaurus Rex was reportedly an Asian immigrant.
After analyzing 28 different species of tyrannosaurids, paleonologist Stephen Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh determined that the T-Rex, known as the most fearsome apex predator of all the dinosaurs in North America, originally came from Asia. He told Reuters:
“So it looks like T-Rex was an Asian immigrant to North America. It was an invasive species that came in right at the end of the time of dinosaurs. It came from Asia, and when it came from Asia it swept across North America and very quickly it was living everywhere in Western North America.”
The T-Rex is thought to have crossed over the land bridge between Asia and North America around 80 million years ago. As many of us may have learned in high school Earth science, Earth’s continents originated from the supercontinent Pangea, which began to break apart 200 million years ago.
Brusatte believes that when ancestors of what became the T-Rex crossed over in the Cretaceous period, they were no bigger than humans and horses, but once in North America, they absolutely thrived and eventually evolved to become the giant and fearsome predator we know today.
With the rise of the wealthy and influential Asian market in the U.S., perhaps today’s Asian immigrants will follow the same trend.
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