Man With Whip Rants About ‘Filthy F**king Disease’ Outside Chinese Consulate in Sydney

Man With Whip Rants About ‘Filthy F**king Disease’ Outside Chinese Consulate in Sydney
Ryan General
By Ryan General
April 2, 2020
A man was recently captured on video spewing racist remarks in front of the Chinese Consulate in Sydney, Australia on Monday. 
Armed with a whip, the unnamed man verbally attacked the people lining up outside the consulate building.
“Wake up Australia! No more s**t from China. No more s**t from China,” the man can be heard shouting in the clip uploaded on YouTube. “Death to communism! Filthy f**ing commies.”
As he continued cracking his whip, the man focused his insults toward the line of people.
“Five million people left your country and spread that filthy f***king disease worldwide,” he screamed. “You’re all wearing your masks and you know why you’re wearing your masks? You knew about it! I’m onto you. I know you deliberately released this virus. Wake up Australia! Be wise to these pr**ks.” 
The rant, which went on for several minutes, included threats to shoot the Chinese general secretary and accusations that China deliberately spread COVID-19.
“I’ll put a bullet in the General Secretary’s head. I’m going to kill that leader of China. Filthy f**ing commies. Trying to take over the world. No more,” he said.
The man remains unidentified and the incident has yet to be investigated, according to NSW Police. No reports were filed about the incident, reports MailOnline.
Since the coronavirus outbreak began, a spate of racially motivated attacks on people of Asian descent has been reported in many parts of the world.
Feature Image via Michael Park
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