Someone Dubbed Cat Videos With Anime Dialogue and It’s AMAZING

Someone Dubbed Cat Videos With Anime Dialogue and It’s AMAZING
Ryan General
October 23, 2016
Japanese manga and anime series Sword Art Online is set to release its latest video game iteration called “Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization” for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on Oct. 27
Featuring cute kitties playfully performing dialogue spoken by voice actors of the popular series, Sword Art Onnyain (nya = meow in Japan) is a fun mix of dramatic lines and sound effects over adorable kitty visuals.
One episode, titled “I Can Read Your Moves,” features Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, who does voice acting for SAO protagonist Kirito. Matsuoka’s dialogue is perfectly matched with a cat which looked like fighting for its life against a toy.
The dialogue, translated by RocketNews24, reads: “Come on! I can read your moves! This is the end! STARBURST STREAM!”
Another video, “Sleeping Next to Each Other,” lends the voices of Kirito and Asuna in a romantic moment.
“Kirito-kun, it’s embarrassing if you stare at me that much.”
“So-, sorry. I was careless.”
“Careless? What do you mean?”
“I…was thinking that you really are beautiful. So I couldn’t help staring.”
“Th-, thanks. I’m embarrassed, but happy. But you know, you’re handsome, too.”
“Re-, really? Co-, come closer.”
In “Combat Training,” Kirito can be heard giving instructions to a student on sword wielding. The accompanying cat-visuals is equally engaging.
“Please teach me how to fight.”
“Let’s start with the basics. First, lower your stance and hold your sword out in front of you.”
“Like this?”
“No, not quite. Put your feet forward a little farther, and think about your center of gravity.”
“Like this?”
“Yeah. Now, thrust your sword with all your might.”
“Thrust…with all my might?”
“Hey, you almost stabbed me!”
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