Filipina Mother Suffers From Mysterious Swelling During Pregnancy

Filipina Mother Suffers From Mysterious Swelling During Pregnancy
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
December 16, 2020
A teen in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, who suffers from a condition that resulted in a swollen face, has received outpouring support from compassionate people.
Mary Ann Regacho, 17, noticed a growth on her face in December 2019 while she was pregnant with her baby boy, according to local show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.
The growth started next to her nose, but it gradually spread as months passed during her pregnancy.
After it became swollen and covered her nose bridge in March 2019, she visited a local clinic to have it checked out. Doctors revealed she was suffering from dry skin.
However, they told her they could not treat her condition at the time as it could affect her pregnancy. Instead, Regacho decided to endure the pain to ensure her baby was safe.
Screenshot via GMA Public Affairs
Regacho’s condition continued to get worse during her second trimester when the growth started to cover part of her eyes. The family had no other options for her treatment as the teen’s husband, Albert Sales, was only a part-time worker amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The teen thought the growth was a result of hormone problems after she gave birth to her baby boy, but it soon became too painful for her, Metro reported.
via Mary Ann Regacho
“I thought it was only a common pimple, but it hurt so much I could not sleep at night. I tried everything to cure it but nothing worked,” Regacho said. “Now, I feel like my face will never be the same again.”
Narcissa Fernando, Regacho and Sales’ godmother in their wedding, helped the family by posting on Facebook on Dec. 4. Many social media users donated to get the teen the medical assistance she needed.
Dr. Thanh Vu De Guzman, an ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat specialist or Otolaryngologist) – Head & Neck Surgeon at Premiere Medical Center in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, explained to Regacho that the swelling on her face hasn’t reached her skull and eyes yet.
De Guzman said Regacho is experiencing granulomatous inflammation, a tissue reaction following cell injury that is caused by a variety of conditions, including infection, autoimmune, toxic, allergic, drug and neoplastic conditions.
swollen face
via Mary Ann Regacho
De Guzman also added there are no specific causes for the swelling and that he will refer Regacho to other doctors, including infectious specialists, immunologists, auto-immunologists and dermatologists.
swollen face
Screenshot via GMA Public Affairs
The show helped Regacho with her medical expenses. Doctors also gave her 20% discounts on all hospital services whenever she needs to come in for some testing.
Feature Image via Narcisa Fernando
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