Swiss Otaku Gets Fired on His FIRST Day After Boss Finds His Insane Twitter

Swiss Otaku Gets Fired on His FIRST Day After Boss Finds His Insane TwitterSwiss Otaku Gets Fired on His FIRST Day After Boss Finds His Insane Twitter
Carl Samson
May 14, 2018
A Swiss man who was recently hired for a new job found himself unemployed on his very first day after his employer discovered the questionable things he does on Twitter.
The man, a hardcore anime fan, goes by the name Melonpan (MeidocafeR) on the platform and shares things only adult otakus are supposed to see.


— Melonpan🔞スイス人の変態紳士 (@MeidocafeR) April 1, 2018

Melonpan’s occupational saga began on April 19, when his former boss found his Twitter profile.
He said in a tweet translated by SoraNews24:
“My Twitter was discovered by my boss and now I’m in a pretty pickle. I thought there were lots of people who knew I was a pervert! I’m thus confronted with a challenge I’ve never faced before. Should I delete my account, repent, or look for a new job? A tough problem!”
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The judgment arrived after two days and Melonpan was far from surprised. He thanked his Japanese fans — a legion, apparently — and vowed to follow the “path of the pervert.”
“Thanks for your heartfelt words, everyone. They resonated in my chest! I’ve decided! Even if I’m jobless, I will follow the path of the pervert! Although I’m fully aware that uploading pictures and videos will tarnish my employer’s (UBS) image, I can’t bring myself to make this account private. Switzerland is a free perverted country!”
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Melonpan’s revelation of his company, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), shocked many, but the story goes on.
By May 7, he revealed his new employer, courier service DHL.
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However, it did not take long before complaints started pouring in.
“Due to a whirlwind of complaints, I got fired on the first day. I think I’ll bravely return to UBS and apply to a department where people don’t recognize me. It’s difficult being a perverted gentleman, but I’ll do my best!”
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Netizens cheered him up:
“Japan will accept you.”
“I’m rooting for you. Hang on!”
“You’re not going to lose.”
“I’d hire you in a heartbeat if I had authority there, that is frivolous and unfair.”
“That is very sad, some people need to know what you do your life that doesn’t affect the job, I don’t know you but I know that you don’t mix your personal life with your job. I hope you can find a job that can accept you. メロパン Fight!”
If anything, Melonpan happens to be a successful YouTuber, too, so feel free to check out what else he does there.
For starters, there’s this:
Images via Twitter / MeidocafeR
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