Swedish Woman’s YouTube Video Attacked By Racist Trolls Over Her Husband’s Dark Skin

A Swedish YouTuber and her dark-skinned husband recently became the victims of vicious cyber-bullying from racist netizens after appearing in a YouTube vlog together.  

Markus, a Swedish man of Indian descent, is married to Moa, a Swedish vlogger who regularly posts videos about her life and family, according to StorypickRecently, Moa featured Markus and their baby daughter Mila in an adorable baby-feeding video.  

While the clip simply documented a slice of their life as new parents, it somehow attracted a host of derogatory and hateful comments from viewers.

Netizens flooded the innocent video with blatantly racist and lewd remarks, calling Mark and their baby “ugly”, with extremely cruel comments calling for their deaths. The mean comments have since been deleted from the video, but an Imgur user was able to archive some of them.

Here are some of the disturbing posts from the racist commenters:

According to a Reddit thread, some racist bigots even tracked the couple’s address and sent them death threats.

Thankfully, when the negative comments were exposed and got attention online, lovely people from different corners of the internet began sending in their support to Moa and Markus.

While the world can be cruel at times. good people can still make it a worthwhile place to live in for people like Moa, Markus and Mila.

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