Swedish Gardener Who Gave Up Citizenship to Become Japanese Now Exercises Silently on National TV

Tatsumasa Murasame, the hunky Swedish model/gardener who moved to Japan and gave up his original citizenship to become an official Japanese citizen, has a new calling in silently doing push-ups and various exercise routines on public television.

The show, which debuted on Japan’s national public broadcasting network NHK on Aug. 27, is called “Bodybuilding for Everyone” (Minna no Kinniku Taisou), according to SoraNews24.

“Bodybuilding for Everyone” runs every night on NHK from 11:50 to 11:55 p.m. It teaches people how to keep in shape by working out and exercising without using special equipment such as barbells. The episodes of the show begin with an instructor telling the audience the type of exercise they are about to do and the muscle area targeted by the activity.
Murasame and fellow bodybuilders, Japanese actor Shinji Takeda and lawyer Kota Kobayashi, continue the proper posture and stoically demonstrate the exercise with some sexy saxophone music in the background.

The show was well-received by fans.

“I’m totally in love with the buff instructors of Everyone’s Bodybuilding.”

“It’s surreal seeing Shinji Takeda just exercising with some lawyer and gardener. Laughed so much I think my abs got a good workout.”

“The gardener has the best form just like the experts from lawngonewild.com.”

“No one says a single word, but the gardener has a serious on-screen presence.”

The show seems to be aware that the premise of “Bodybuilding for Everyone” is a bit silly, so one of its ads parodied commercials for Wonder Core, an ab training machine from Japan.

Featured Image via Instagram / tatsumasa.murasame (Left), YouTube / NHK (Right)

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