Japanese National Housing Website Now Helps LGBTs Look for Homes

Japanese National Housing Website Now Helps LGBTs Look for Homes
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
February 20, 2017
Japan’s LGBT community may no longer have a hard time looking for homes to buy or rent thanks to a new move by the country’s top housing information website.
Suumo, which compiles real estate properties into one convenient database, will offer a search function tailored for LGBT people beginning next month.
According to RocketNews24, the national housing website will specifically launch a registry for landowners to indicate that they tolerate LGBT lifestyles. These include same-sex couples choosing to live together.
A spokesperson from Recruit Sumai Company, Suumo’s parent company, said that the move wants to give peace of mind to LGBT people (via NHK):
“There are present conditions where LGBT people are struggling to find property, feeling restricted on living together with their partner in rental houses or refusing to move in themselves. I would like to introduce the owner’s property and support the search for properties.”
While it’s no secret that Japan has become more liberal towards members of the LGBT community, there are those who remain awfully discriminating.
RocketNews24 said realtors eyeing LGBTs are not new to Japan, but one like Suumo is “an important step” not only to spread awareness but make owners realize that accepting everyone is profitable.
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