Suspicious Wife Chops Off Husband’s Penis with Scissors by Surprise in China

Suspicious Wife Chops Off Husband’s Penis with Scissors by Surprise in China
Ryan General
July 24, 2018
A Chinese man was separated from his penis after his paranoid wife decided to chop it off with a pair of scissors.
The husband, identified only by his surname Li, did not see the attack coming from his beloved spouse, KNews reports via Shanghaiist.
Li was reportedly naked while brushing his teeth on Saturday morning inside the bathroom of their home in Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province when his wife suddenly barged in and sliced his manhood off.
The unexpected scissor attack surprised Li, who quickly tried to stop the bleeding by covering up the injured area, and rushed himself to the hospital.
While Li’s doctors were able to reattach his penis via surgery, they warned about some risks that may put his recovery in jeopardy. According to his surgeon, a sudden erection may do some harm as it may interfere with the reattached blood vessels.
The doctor also noted that his ability to have sex is already affected by the injury even if the wound is completely healed.
Local authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the case.
In interviews, Li revealed that his new job had made his wife extremely suspicious of his actions. She reportedly demanded him not to speak, talk on the phone or smile at any woman he encounters at work. His wife’s growing suspicion resulted in numerous fights, according to Li.
Featured Image via miaopai / Knews
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