One Company Has Revolutionized The Way We Go Camping

One Company Has Revolutionized The Way We Go Camping
Laura Dang
July 12, 2015
One company’s new models of suspended tents might change the way you camp forever. If you want cheaper options, however, you can try renowned ones like the best 8 person cabin tent.
Tentsile, an innovative tent company that designs incredible portable treehouses, has unveiled three new tent models to add to its collection.
Trillium is a small, stackable and versatile hammock that can sleep up to three people. Options for setup are almost unlimited as they are able to be stacked on top of each other to create multi-floor outdoor living environments.
Vista is a two-layer tree tent and the biggest tent in the company’s collection. It has a removable cover that allows for scenic views of the outdoors.
Trilogy is a massive communal shelter that consists of three separate sleeping areas and a central canopy. It holds up to six people. The tent can be combined with other hammocks to increase the capacity to nine or more people.
Tentsile revolutionized the way people camp when it revealed the Tentsile Tree Tent back in 2014.
The company was founded by designers Alex Shirley-Smith and Kirk Kirchev in 2012.
It plants three trees for every tent purchased as part of its environmental initiative.
All of the company’s tree tents provide campers with shelter and leave no ecological footprint or environmental impact.
The suspended design of the tents as well as the material used to make the tents provide separation from bugs, snakes and other large predators.
All of the company’s  tents are made to be suspended, but are able to be pitched on the ground as a conventional tent as well.
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