Suspected Thief Strips Naked in China to Confuse Crowd and Avoid Capture

A female pickpocket in China came up with an unusual strategy to avoid getting ganged up on by an angry crowd after she was caught red-handed.

The unidentified thief decided to strip completely naked on the sidewalk after she got caught in the act of committing a crime on Tuesday at a bus stop in Shaoyang, Hunan Province.

Image from Youku

However, her apparent effort to confuse onlookers turned out to be even more counterproductive as her tactic caused quite a commotion in the area. 

Instead of slipping away undetected, her eerie stunt attracted more attention from passersby.

She then reportedly challenged the bewildered crowd to try to touch her, reported via Shanghaiist. Part of the footage of the odd incident shows the crowd taunting her, with some women acting on her dare:

A male police officer soon arrived on the scene but was apprehensive in taking action due to the woman’s bare appearance.

Thankfully, a crossing guard came by to assist in getting the woman clothed.

Two female police officers were also called in to escort the woman to the police station where she was detained for public indecency and suspected stealing of another person’s property.

Feature Image via Youku

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