Suspected Dog Rapist Caught After Brutal Discovery in Hong Kong

Suspected Dog Rapist Caught After Brutal Discovery in Hong KongSuspected Dog Rapist Caught After Brutal Discovery in Hong Kong
A suspected dog molester from Hong Kong is now prohibited from getting in contact with any dog following an assault he allegedly committed on a female stray dog.
The suspect, a 58-year-old construction worker named Chung Lin-fai, is now awaiting trial for the crime reportedly committed last week. According to SCMP (via Shanghaiist), Chung was arrested and detained by police at Tung Chung bus station on Thursday.
An unnamed female witness reportedly saw the middle-aged man lure a stray dog with food, leading it into a nearby remote ravine. She would later find the dog to be severely injured.
When she brought the dog to a veterinarian, it was concluded that the dog had been sexually assaulted after the specialist found some human semen inside of it.
A Hong Kong’s law prohibits sex acts committed by humans with animals. In the city ordinance, those found engaging in bestiality may end up paying a fine of HKD $50,000 ($6,445) plus a 10-year prison sentence.
In a court hearing conducted on Friday, Chung was charged with “buggery.” The case, however, is adjourned as it awaits the DNA results. The suspected dog rapist was shortly released on HKD $2,500 ($320) bail as the hearing was moved to resume on April 7.
Chung has been granted bail as long as he stayed in Hong Kong. He was also ordered to surrender his travel documents, avoid any form of contact with dogs, and was prohibited from coming within 1km of Wong Lung Ravine, the alleged scene of the crime.
The suspected dog molester, however, ended up going back to jail immediately after his temporary release. As he was followed by a crowd of reporters and photographers upon leaving the courthouse on the day of his trial, he reportedly assaulted a reporter from Apple Daily. Chung landed a punch in the reporter’s face, sending him to a hospital. He was caught by authorities in the act of picking up rocks and sticks, presumably intended for the other journalists.
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