Suspect Who Randomly Hit 84-Year-Old Grandpa Caught in New York

Police have arrested a suspect in the unprovoked attack of an 84-year-old grandfather in New York’s Lower East Side last week.

Chan Yung Sun was sitting on a bench outside his favorite deli in front of 124 East Broadway on April 24 when the suspect approached him and started punching him in the face.

The victim, who was days away from celebrating his 85th birthday, underwent surgery twice after suffering a broken bone in his face and required multiple stitches due to the violent assault.

“I almost started crying,” Sun’s great-granddaughter Terence Chan told NBC. “I just couldn’t believe that. He’s an 84-year-old man just sitting there minding his own business.”

Chan, who said her great grandad is now doing a lot better, described him as “such a charming man.”

An image released by the police showed the suspect casually walking away from the scene of the crime. Onlookers rushed in to help the elderly man and immediately called the police.

On Saturday, a police officer in Times Square recognized the suspect identified as Ashley Williams and immediately took him into custody, according to the New York Post.

Williams, who is reportedly homeless, has 10 previous arrests, including one for robbery and nine for misdemeanors.

Feature image via NYPD

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