Beefcakes Now Deliver Sushi to Your Door in Japan During Lockdown


As delivery services continue to be of essence at this time, a new sushi business in Japan decided to buff up its staff — and quite literally.

Vber Macho, based in Nagoya, is targeting customers who are down to get served by muscular delivery men.

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Owner Masanori Sugiura already runs two other food businesses: catering company Withwin and upscale sushi restaurant Imazushi.

Masanori Sugiura. Image via Withwin

Interestingly, he happens to be a bodybuilder too, so he incorporated this interest into his new startup.

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Vber Macho offers bento plates, sushi sets and party platters.

As of this writing, it deploys six delivery men — including Sugiura himself — who have met each other through bodybuilding tournaments.

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The deliverymen come at the customer’s doorstep in happi coats, which happen to be part of traditional Japanese culinary culture.

A genius choice for their uniform, the coats can be easily stripped off should customers request for the deliverymen to flex their muscles.

As seasoned bodybuilders, they are also confident to have their pictures taken — as long as customers inform them ahead of time.

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Despite the physical-ness of the experience, Vber Macho men still maintain a social distance of two meters (6.6 feet) when delivering orders.

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The startup offers free delivery for those based in Nagoya, while orders from Tokyo and Osaka incur additional travel surcharges.

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If you happen to live in these areas and have an affinity for sushi coming from beefcakes, head over here to order.

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