Man Punched, Kicked Out of Sushi Restaurant After Hurling Racial Slurs in Long Beach

Man Punched, Kicked Out of Sushi Restaurant After Hurling Racial Slurs in Long BeachMan Punched, Kicked Out of Sushi Restaurant After Hurling Racial Slurs in Long Beach
A man was punched in the face and kicked out from a sushi restaurant in California after hurling racist insults at Black and Hispanic customers over the weekend.
The incident, which took place on Mother’s Day, occurred at Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi restaurant in Long Beach.
The situation reportedly started after the man, who came with a woman, was told that he must wait for a seat at the packed restaurant.
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A video shows him arguing with employees before telling another woman, “F***ing look over there, b***h!”
In response, another man yells in the background, “Yo, get the f**k out!”
The man spits out more expletives before making ape-like gestures and calling someone “monkey man.”
His actions prompted more diners to get out of their seats to prepare to fight.
When the man lunged at one diner, a woman emerged to punch him in the face about five times.
A few customers held the man back before he was kicked out of the premises.
Ivan Velasco, who filmed the scene, posted a backstory on Twitter explaining the events before the brawl.
“The man arrived at the restaurant like anyone else. I was seated just 10 minutes before, after waiting 30 minutes to be seated from a visible waitlist. The waitlist is done electronically, where you input the size of party and phone number. This way they text message you once it’s your turn to be seated.
“This man had seen a party who was already waitlisted, get seated just a minute after he himself arrived at the restaurant. Didn’t settle well with him. He demanded to be seated, which the hostess appropriately responded and declined.
“The man wasn’t taking no for an answer, so he stomps over to the only open spot at the bar … He then continues to complain about them not being seated and a ‘bulls**t’ waitlist. During this time, he’s being extremely rude, disrespectful and using profane language toward the wait staff, at one point calling the hostess a ‘dumb b***h’ for requesting him again to wait to be seated.”
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After receiving a report, officers cited both the man and the woman who punched him for battery.
According to ABC 7, the woman was handcuffed and held in a police car but was eventually let go after fellow witnesses explained the whole story.
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