The TikTok food trend that fuses sushi and pizza and was created by a Japanese chef in Toronto

The TikTok food trend that fuses sushi and pizza and was created by a Japanese chef in Toronto
Isa Peralta
September 23, 2021
From watermelon with mustard to cucumbers with sugar, TikTok has brought us several food combinations that evoke intrigue, suspicion and a sprinkle of apprehension. But sushi pizza, TikTok’s latest food trend, is something we couldn’t possibly refuse. 
How do I make it?: Before you add store-bought dough to your shopping cart, know that sushi pizza doesn’t use the traditional base of flour and yeast. Instead, you’ll have to cook a sushi rice patty mixed with some rice vinegar, according to In the Know.
  • After the rice turns crispy, you can add your sauces and toppings.
  • Swap classic tomato sauce with a paste of spicy mayo. You can also try wasabi aioli if you want some heat. 
  • Top your pizza with ingredients from your favorite kind of sushi roll. The possibilities are endless — think seaweed, avocado, cucumbers, sesame seeds, roe and wakame.
  • Mashed suggests using sushi-grade fish, if you want to add tuna or salmon.
  • If you’re feeling extra fancy, try drizzling unagi sauce or a combination of soy glaze and ponzu sauce on top at the end. 
Image via Nick DiGiovanni
A brief history: Although sushi pizza recently went viral on TikTok, this treat has been around since the early 1990s, according to the Toronto Star.
  • The dish’s creator, Chef Kaoru Ohsada, moved to Canada in the 1980s to work at various Japanese restaurants. Since he studied French cuisine in Japan, his approach to sushi was less traditional and more experimental.
  • Ohsada tried frying sushi rice and adding sushi-grade salmon, roe and chopped onions on top. He eventually used other ingredients such as spicy mayo and a soy wasabi-sauce, according to Atlas Obscura.  
  • The dish became a hit, and “sushi pizza” was born.
Image via Nick DiGiovanni
Trending on TikTok: Now, you can find tons of sushi pizza videos online that feature different versions of this viral food trend. 
  • If you love anything deep fried, check out this video by @wavemountdora
  • Take @veevu’s advice and combine mayo with sriracha if you don’t have any spicy mayo in your pantry.
  • Try a nori maki crust with spicy tuna and barbecue chicken, like in @thecrunchbros’ video.
  • Follow @_mynameischo’s instructions if you’re craving a two-ingredient version
With more people experimenting in their kitchens and documenting their culinary endeavors, sushi pizza is here to stay. Would we recommend recreating this trend? Yes, especially since custom sushi conveyor belts and convenient 3D-printed sushi have yet to reach our homes. 
Featured Image via @thecrunchbros
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