Sushi Hamburgers Are a Real Thing and it’s Beautiful

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Foodies are going mad for a new hybrid dish: sushi hamburgers.

The creation calls for rice shaped into buns instead of bread that is then used to sandwich ingredients you’d typically expect to find at your local sushi restaurant.

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It was a picture of a sushi burger posted to Instagram by food blogger So Beautifully Raw that caught the attention of users and popularized the dish among netizens.

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Her picture featured a vegan sushi burger that was made up of teriyaki chicken actually made from jackfruit, avocado, pickled ginger, vegan mayo and red cabbage.


She noted in its caption: “Use a fork or chopsticks to eat it! This burger is just for fun!”

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Other pictures shared by Instagram users show sushi burgers made with a variety of ingredients such as salmon, tuna, chicken katsu, seaweed, tempura shrimp and wasabi.

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