This Video of a Sushi Chef Preparing Sashimi is Extremely Hard to Watch

Most sushi lovers will agree — fresh sashimi is one of most delicious offerings of Japanese cuisine. But have you ever really seen
A new video from 88rising gives us the inside look of how a master sushi chef prepares a massive sashimi dish but be warned: if you can’t handle watching an entire fish get taken apart and made into a dish, the ASMR-quality sound of Japanese steel slicing through wet flesh, or you’ve recently seen “Finding Dory”, this video may not be for you.
For the version sans sound effects, the chef basically turns this:
… Into this:
The sushi chef starts by slicing the fish’s flank to remove the fillet.
Once that’s removed, it’s time to cut out and pull away the bones:
With the long fillet of pure fish meat, it’s then time to slice it up into the rectangular pieces of sashimi we all know and love.
With the skin of the fish, the chef then blow torches it to give it a crisp. The skin contracts as the extreme heat sears it.
With the rest of the fish body, the chef begins to arrange it on a plate with leaves, seaweed, and other colorful garnishments:
Soon it becomes the delicious looking slices of raw fish — unless seeing where it comes from has changed your mind.
Anyone else craving sushi?
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