Japanese Sushi Chain to Serve Chocolate-Fed Fish for Valentine’s Day


A popular revolving sushi chain in Japan will start serving a special kind of fish just in time for Valentine’s Day season.

Kura Sushi, headquartered in Osaka, will offer chocolate-fed buri (yellowtail), putting a curious twist to the ordinary buri available in most sushi restaurants.


The fish, aptly called the Choco Buri, are raised in a farm in Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

The Choco Buri

According to IT Media, they are fed with chocolate developed in conjunction with the Ehime Research Institute of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries.

Cocoa is processed into feed for buri.

While the Choco Buri enjoys its chocolate feed, it also has important properties on the taste and appearance of the sushi.

Chocolate feed for buri

What prospective diners might appreciate is its more enticing reddish hue — which gets richer over time — resulting from antioxidant properties of the chocolate’s polyphenol content.

Slices of Choco Buri after two days

Choco Buri will sell for 100 yen ($0.90) a piece from Feb. 1 to Feb. 14 in Japan, according to Livedoor News.

Slices of Choco Buri after five days

Kura Sushi has over 300 locations across Japan. It also has locations in California, Texas, Georgia and Illinois.

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