Survivor of Deadly Church Stabbing in San Jose Vows to Keep Helping the Homeless

San Jose

A city hall employee, who was among the survivors of a stabbing attack at a church in San Jose, California last week, has vowed to continue helping people in need after his recovery. 

The incident: San Jose City Hall analyst Nguyen Pham was helping feed the homeless at Grace Baptist Church last Sunday night when a man attacked him and four others with a knife, NBC Bay Area reports. 

  • In an earlier report, it was revealed that two people were killed and three others were injured. 
  • A man was pronounced dead at the scene, while a woman died later at a hospital.
  • According to the authorities, a man has been taken into custody in relation to the crime.
  • Investigators have yet to determine the motive and other relevant details about the attack.

Community hero: Huy Tran told NBC that the incident has not deterred his friend Pham from helping people in need.  

  • “People were asking about sending him flowers. He said, ‘Look, don’t send me flowers. Take that money. You can buy a blanket for a homeless person,'” Tran was quoted as saying.
  • Tran noted that Nguyen has always felt the need to “make the world a better place” by helping the homeless.
  • Jenny Do, another friend of Pham’s, considers him a hero who works tirelessly to support vulnerable communities.
  • Last week, Do launched a GoFundMe campaign for Pham to help cover hospital bills and other related costs.
  • Pham is recovering and in quarantine, according to the campaign.
  • As of this writing, the page has raised over $43,162 out of its $50,000 goal.

Feature Image via Jenny Do

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