American Kids Want to Be YouTube Stars While Chinese Kids Want to be Astronauts, Survey Shows

A new survey claims that children from the United States and United Kingdom would prefer to be YouTube stars while those from China want to be astronauts.

As part of the celebration for the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 Moon Landing, Harris Poll on behalf of LEGO had conducted a survey that asked 3,000 children to choose from five different professions that they would like to have when they grow up. The choices available included: astronaut, musician, professional athlete, teacher, or vlogger/YouTuber.

The result of the survey, which asked kids from ages 8 to 12, showed that those from the US and UK aspire to be either vloggers or YouTubers with results showing 29% and 30% respectively. Those in China, however, chose astronaut as their desired profession with 56% of the kids choosing this answer.

Although the survey does not necessarily reflect the career aspirations of all of the children from each of these countries, the result somehow reflects a growing trend among Generation Z, according to Business Insider.

It was reported that 75,000 teens came to this year’s three-day VidCon along with their parents to hear from their favorite YouTube stars. YouTuber DeStorm Power, while speaking to BI, said that most kids he spoke to all want to become online personalities.

“Every time I go to schools, the most said thing from 90% of kids is, ‘I want to be a YouTuber,'” he said. “They want to be social-media stars.”

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons / NASA

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