Surgeons Find ‘MONSTER’ Inside the Ovary of 16-Year-Old Japanese Girl

A 16-year-old Japanese girl became the subject of a case study by surgeons who discovered shocking anatomical structures inside her ovary.

The patient was undergoing surgery to remove her appendix when a 10-cm tumor was found in one of her ovaries, AsiaOne reported.

However, the tumor was by no means ordinary. It had a malformed brain, skull and clumps of hair — apparently a mutant head in its infancy.

Image: Masayuki Shintaku, et al.
Image: Masayuki Shintaku et al.

Upon further investigation, the surgeons, led by Masayuki Shintaku, determined that it was a mature ovarian teratoma. As per Science Alert, “teratoma” comes from the Greek word “teratos,” which literally translates to “monster.” Sounds fair.

This type of tumor forms when cells develop to become tissues foreign to their growth site. They could be bones, hair, nerves and teeth.

It is one of the two types of germ cell tumors, the other being the cancerous immature teratoma.

The surgeons successfully removed the benign tumor from the teenager and published their findings in the journal Neuropathology. According to the paper, she recovered well.

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