Surgeons In China Save Boy Who Stuck 26 Magnets Up His Penis

Surgeons In China Save Boy Who Stuck 26 Magnets Up His Penis
Ryan General
August 31, 2017
It took a surgeon two hours to remove 26 mini magnetic balls from a Chinese boy’s bladder. 
According to Kankanews (via Daily Mail), the child was rushed to Yuying Children’s Hospital in Wenzhou after complaining of pain and his private organ began bleeding. After undergoing a cystotomy, all 26 magnet balls, also known as “neodymium magnets” were successfully retrieved from the boy’s bladder.

In an interview, resident pediatric surgeon Dr. Wang Yongbiao said that he found the tiny metal pellets stuck in the boy’s penis. “The balls are now aligned into two columns and got stuck in the posterior urethra area,” Dr. Wang was quoted as saying. He explained that the blockage had caused the boy excruciating pain and even caused some bleeding. He also noted how the procedure became quite problematic due to the size of the magnets. “Each magnet ball has a diameter of three millimetres (0.12 inches) and when they align in two rows, its width doubles up to six millimetres (0.24 inches),” Dr. Wang explained in the video.

To avoid urethral blockage, Dr. Wang pushed the magnets to the boy’s bladder before attempting removing them using forceps. As he attempted to take out the tiny balls one at a time, they formed a cluster in the bladder and became difficult to separate. The surgeon was only able to retrieve the magnets after making a surgical incision into the bladder.
Warning parents of the dangers of children playing such small toys, Dr. Wang said: “Children can easily swallow or place the magnet balls into their body parts due to the small size. I had previously dealt with two similar cases in relating to the magnet balls.” 
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