Supreme is Making Oreos That Cost $8 for 3 Cookies

Supreme is Making Oreos That Cost $8 for 3 CookiesSupreme is Making Oreos That Cost $8 for 3 Cookies
Bryan Ke
February 19, 2020
Supreme, in collaboration with Nabisco Oreo, is releasing a 3-piece pack of Oreos at $8 complete with the trademark logo and red branding.
The announcement was made alongside Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection this week, according to Delish.
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Social media exploded after Twitter user @TheSupremeSaint, who is not affiliated with the companies, shared an image of what the special Oreo cookie would look like.
It looks like a bright red Double Stuffed Oreo with the Supreme logo replacing the Oreo logo. It is unclear if it will have the same taste as the original or if it will come in a different flavor.
Supreme and Oreo have yet to release the packaging, but a leak from Instagram user shows what the wrapper would allegedly look like.
Some people are already putting up listings for Supreme Oreos on eBay at high prices, Hypebeast reported.
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There is no word yet on when Supreme and Oreo will officially release the collaboration cookie, but one thing is for sure, the cookie is legit.
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