Indian News Anchor Learns Her Husband Died While Reporting on Fatal Car Accident

King Malleta
April 10, 2017
The world was in awe of one Indian news anchor’s composure and grace after she heartbreakingly found out about her husband’s death while reporting about a fatal car accident on live television.
Instead of breaking down on national television, 28-year-old Supreet Kaur delivered the sad news report with a professional demeanor.
Kaur was just reading the morning news on India’s IBC24 over the weekend about a fatal car crash, according to NBC News,
Three victims were announced dead and although Kaur didn’t read out the names of the victims, she realized that her husband may have been one of those who died.
IBC24’s editor-in-chief Ravikant Mittal said that the brave reporter “collected herself and carried on reading the news” but broke down in tears once the broadcast was over.
“The moment the cameras were off she began calling her relatives and broke down. She left for the accident site after that. Kaur has worked with us for nine years and is one of the most popular anchors in the state. We stand with our colleague in her pain,” Mittal said in sympathy.
Indian Express reported that there were five passengers in a Renault Duster that Kaur’s husband was riding. The police said that the vehicle was hit from behind which led to the death of three people and injured two other passengers.
Many online users praised the reporter for her “amazing grace” in the midst of the heartbreaking news.
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