Supermom Flying Across the Country Because Her Daughter Had a Headache is Asian Parenting at its Best

A mother who got a text from her sick daughter and flew across the U.S. to see her by evening is winning praise on the internet.

Grace Li, a 22-year-old biology teacher in New York City, messaged her mom, Shixia Huang, to tell her that she was ill on March 16.

Huang, a cancer researcher in Texas, was planning to work late that day, but scrapped the idea to see her daughter instead.

She told BuzzFeed News:

“I called her and she told me that she had this headache and we also chatted about her day and her weekend plans. I felt that the headache was a bit unusual and that she missed home.”

According to Li, plane tickets were “shockingly cheap” that day, so her mom “left work, went home and packed, and arrived in New York that night.”

She tweeted about it the next day and blew the internet away.

Huang herself responded to this comment, saying:

“Yes, no matter how old my daughter is, I will always cross the world for her. When I could not do it physically one day, I will surely do it in my heart.”

The supermom did not just check on her daughter, but also prepared her food for an entire week.

“Before she left she stayed up the night before cooking so I would have food for the rest of the week! She packed me two lunches and bought tupperware to store all the other food and now my fridge is so full,” Li told BuzzFeed News.

“Also, my kitchen is cleaner than I’ve ever seen it and all my cabinets are organized.”

Images via Twitter / gracedli

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