Photos of Superheroes and Villains Then and Now Will Make You Nostalgic

Superheroes and villains from days of future past unite! 

Iconic superheroes and villains have been with us through the days of black and white television to the booming age of technology. Some of our favorite characters have received drastic computer-generated imagery (CGI) makeovers while others have had their appearances tweaked here and there.

This would make for an interesting superhero time travel movie if they were all to encounter their former and future selves. Boredpanda compiled a list of then and now superheroes and villains that is sure to make you nostalgic.

Superman from 1948 and 2016 

Batman from 1943 and 2016

X-Men’s Wolverine from 2000 and 2013 

Catwoman played by Julie Newmar from 1966 and Anne Hathaway from 2012

Wonder Woman from 1975 and 2017

Thor from 1978 and 2015

Power Rangers from 1993 and 2017

Captain American from 1990 and 2016

The Flash from 1990 and 2016 

Hulk and Thor from 1988 and 2012

Hulk from 1978 and 2012

Spider-Man from 1977 and 2016 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 1993 and 2016

Exo-Man from 1977 and Iron Man from 2008 

The Joker from 1966 and 2016

Nick Fury from 1998 and 2012

Supergirl from 1984 and 2015 

Robocop from 1987 and 2014

Fantastic Four from 1994 and 2015

Daredevil from 2003 and 2016

The Penguin from 1966 and 1992

Doctor Strange from 1978 and 2016

The Punisher from 1989 and 2015

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