Super Typhoon Winds Blow Away Bounce Castle With Children Inside in China

An inflatable castle in southeastern China went upside down after a violent encounter with Super Typhoon Mangkhut this week.

The incident, which left two children and one adult injured, occurred around 2:30 p.m. on a playground at the You’a International Plaza in Changde, Hunan Province on Sept. 16.

Police said that the children, who sustained minor injuries, were trapped inside the castle when a strong gust of wind flipped it.

The castle then hit the female adult on the legs, where she sustained severe wounds.

At the time of the incident, Hunan was on the periphery of the super typhoon, which has ravaged China with winds up to 142 miles (228.5 kilometers) per hour.

Over 2.4 million have been evacuated since it made landfall in the nearby Guangdong Province, where four people died, China Daily noted.

Local police immediately dispatched a rescue team to help the woman and the children, according to Kanka News.

All three were then rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Mangkhut, which raised a No. 10 signal in Hong Kong, took at least 50 lives when it hit the Philippines over the weekend.

Additionally, almost 100 people are presumed dead after the typhoon triggered a landslide on a small mining town in the province of Benguet.

The children and the woman are reportedly recovering from their injuries.

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