Super Rich Chinese Man Has Massive Illegal Shark Hoisted Into His Backyard

A rich Chinese man has proven once again that massive amounts of money can buy you anything, even a conspicuously massive and protected wild animal.
One Qingdao man with a craving for shark meat purchased a massive great white shark, which measured six meters in length and reportedly weighs close to one ton, and had it craned over his wall and into his backyard so he could skin it, gut it and eat it. The shark had reportedly been dead for two days at the time of delivery.
Apparently, this is not the first shark he’s bought and had delivered — last year, the same man bought a huge shark, carved it up and shared it with his neighborhood, according to local residents. The man’s identity was not revealed to the media.
Oddly enough, great white sharks are protected in China and illegal to sell or purchase, but truly, with enough money, all of your wildest dreams and cravings can be made available.
Great white sharks are categorized as “vulnerable” by the WWF, one step away from becoming endangered in the wild.
Shark fin soup, anyone?
Source: Shanghaiist
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