Super Petty Fight Over Parking Spot in Koreatown Blows TF Up on Twitter

A woman is going viral for her hilarious Twitter thread documenting a dramatic standoff between two cars fighting for the same parking spot in Koreatown, Los Angeles that lasted for over an hour.

Everything kicked off around 6:30 p.m. on April 1st when Twitter user @Mrhflrs shared a photo showing two cars, blocking traffic as they both attempted to squeeze into the same parking spot, writing, “This car is blocking this other car from grabbing this prime spot. It’s already been 10 minutes.”

Initially, 10 minutes seemed like a long time to be fighting over a parking spot but neither the black car, nor the silver car were willing to compromise and time kept passing. The Twitter user patiently updated her followers on the situation, and at 6:40 p.m. things became even more heated as the cars turned on their signals.

At 6:48 p.m. this passive aggressive competition took a dangerous turn as the disturbance forced other drivers to go head to head with oncoming traffic in order to avoid the two cars. As these two cars kept flashing their lights, passersby displayed their anger through “a symphony of angry horns”.

And just when everyone thought the black car vs silver car face off couldn’t get any pettier, came another update at 6:53 p.m. which said, “… a parking spot had opened up across the street but seems like this is more about the principle.” That’s right, folks, there was ANOTHER parking spot but did either of the cars concede? NO. So the dramatic standoff continued.

With each update, a new video was posted, showing more and more angry drivers attempting to get through the traffic caused by these two cars.

The Twitter user decided to give a bit of background information to her followers at 7:19 p.m. by writing, “I also would like to add that I have no clue how us 3 ended up here but it seems like black car drove past a spot and than[sic] did a fast stop and reverse and silver car was like ‘absolutely the f**k not’ and did a classic box in.”

Everyone thought it was impossible, but at 7:30 p.m. the confrontation passed its one hour mark. However, this was only the beginning. Shortly afterwards, came the greatest plot twist of all time as the driver of the silver car that was initially parked in front of the coveted parking spot, drove away, making enough space for both the black car and the silver car to park. This is the happy ending we’ve all been waiting for but the confrontation did not end there.

As the black car and the silver car stayed parked right by each other, neither of the drivers exited the vehicle. You’d think after wasting over an hour over a petty stand off, they’d have somewhere to be but the driver of the silver car can be seen on their phone. “Like are they afraid of each other or is it just awkward now?” the Twitter user writes.

Then came the the poll that created #TeamBlackCar and #TeamSilverCar, dividing the internet on who the the parking space belonged to in the first place and even Twitter queen herself, Chrissy Teigen got involved.

Eventually, the driver in the silver car exits the vehicle as the standoff comes to an official end.

However, the Twitter user behind these genius videos took it one step further by placing hand-written letters on each of the car’s windshields in order to get both sides of the story. One of the notes read:

“Your resilience is inspiring. Thank you for the hour & a half of entertainment. I’ll never forget you. I hope you & black car can be friends after this. – A Koreatown neighbor. Plz email me at [email protected] to tell your side of the story.”

And yes, the email is real. The documentarian tweeted out one last request to her viewers writing, “Please help me find these people we all need to get KBBQ together.” And there you have it. The only thing left to do now is to reunite the driver of the silver car and the black car and finally get them to reconcile over some Korean BBQ. Internet, do your thing.

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