Watch: Mario can turn into an elephant in upcoming ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’

Watch: Mario can turn into an elephant in upcoming ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’
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Bryan Ke
June 22, 2023
Nintendo has officially released a first-look trailer for its upcoming “Super Mario Bros. Wonder,” the latest installment in the long-running video game franchise, and with it came a reveal for the Italian plumber’s new form: an elephant.
Key details: The trailer and teaser for the new game, set for an Oct. 20 release on the Switch, were part of the list of surprises Nintendo featured during its Nintendo Direct presentation on Wednesday, some of which include the “Super Mario RPG” remake and “Detective Pikachu.”
What the video is about: The first-look trailer showcases the gameplay of the upcoming installment, which appears to be going back to its platform, side-scrolling roots, but with some updated aesthetics.
Some features showcased in the trailer include the ability to run the stages with other characters, like Princess Peach and Luigi, and a trippy alteration of the stages that adds more challenge and wacky visuals.

The elephant in the room: Besides the refreshing features, Nintendo also teased that Mario can change into an elephant in “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.” The new form seems to have the ability to fling Goombas using its trunk.
Mario has been known for taking several forms in past “Super Mario Bros.” franchise game installments that give him unique powers or abilities, such as Raccoon Mario, which gives him the ability to fly, and Frog Mario, with the ability to swim.
What people are saying: Many fans expressed mixed reactions to Nintendo’s latest reveal, including a Twitter user who wrote, “Things I never thought I would say: Yes Nintendo, I would like to play as Mario cosplaying as an Elephant.”
Others were more unfazed by the latest reveal, with one user tweeting, “People are acting like elephant Mario is so surprising like he doesn’t collect fursonas like I collect voices in my head SMH.”
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