Sumo Wrestler Goes Viral With Video of Him Signing Autographs

Sumo Wrestler

This sumo wrestler’s “autograph” or handprint, is a big hit on social media. 

The wrestler, identified as Takayasu, has won multiple awards as a professional sumo.

In a Twitter video from @sumokyokai, Takayasu is seen signing “autographs” with handprints in Kurume City, Japan.

He presses his right hand against a large inkpad before stamping a series of white pages.

Takayasu’s “autographs” will reportedly be sold to fans, but it’s unclear how much each costs.

Interestingly, the autograph technique was not decided on a whim.

According to BuzzFeed, Johnny Suputama, founder of Japanese culture website Spoon & Tamago, said that “wrestlers were considered sacred warriors and their hand prints were good-luck charms, which is how they became collector’s items.”

On the other hand, a 2016 article from SoraNews24 gave a simpler explanation, asserting that wrestlers use handprints to “show off how, well, giant they are.”

Either way, Takayasu’s “signing” is an instant hit on Twitter, receiving over seven million views since Monday:

Images via Twitter / @sumokyokai

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