Tourists Climb and Destroy Roof Tiles of Beijing’s Summer Palace for a Picture

Two foreigners were recently caught on video posing on top of the roof of a structure in Summer Palace in Beijing, China and reportedly destroying a few tiles in the process.

In the clip the now-viral clip, the tourists can be seen sitting on top of a roof as they pose for the camera. It is believed that the violation happened on October 19.


One of the eyewitnesses at the time attempted to stop the men from climbing the roof of the historic palace, but they apparently disregarded the woman and continued their antics, according to Shanghaiist.

A member of the Summer Palace staff stated that the foreigners most likely did not understand the “no climbing” sign posted near the area. The unnamed staff member added that if any employees of the historic site saw their behavior, they would have made them stop immediately.

Netizens on China’s popular social media platform, Weibo, begged to differ. Some called out the staff for making excuses, saying the tourists should be deported and blacklisted from entering the country again.

The identities of the tourists have not been revealed.

Featured Image via YouTube / 赵少网

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