82-Year-Old Japanese DJ is the Most Gangsta Grandma Ever

When you step inside the Tokyo’s Decabarz club in Kabukicho district, the last thing to expect is seeing an 82-year-old grandma spinning some beats behind the DJ’s table – but that is exactly what you get.

Sumiko Iwamuro, also known as DJ Sumirock, is probably one of the coolest grandmas you will ever meet.  While many people around her age are deep in sleep late at night, she goes and spins for a crowd more than five decades younger than her once a month at the club.

But Iwamuro didn’t always want to be a DJ. The Times UK reported that the Japanese grandma discovered her passion after she chose the music for her son’s birthday party. So, when she turned 70, she enrolled in a DJ school and continued to pursue her new-found love.

According to NTD TV, what’s more interesting is that Iwamuro’s day job for the past 60 years is nothing related to spinning discs. She spent most of her life cooking and making dumplings at her family’s restaurant.

But she might have found her true calling in the club scene where patrons described her as someone who has an “energy that goes beyond age.”

“When I spin the tables, I just want to match the beat, choose the right music, but the best thing is for my audience to enjoying themselves,” she said.

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